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Amy Dougley

Owner/Client Care Coordinator

Ever since we opened Brant Mental Health Solutions, it was a dream of mine to incorporate education and other support for children and adults with learning or developmental concerns.

As we have grown over the years, I have seen in our community that there is a lack of access to specific autism care/supports. After seeing friends and family members struggle with finding care for themselves or their child(ren) with ASD, I wanted to be able to create a centre in my community that could fill the gap.


When we were looking at the new location for Brant Mental Health Solutions, the lower unit was also empty and I believed that was my sign that now was the time to bring these services to Brantford/Brant County and the surrounding areas. We were also fortunate to have our amazing chiropractor, physiotherapist and naturopath join us from our other location to have everyone under one roof!


I am dedicated to hiring the best professionals in the mental health, autism and physical health industry, I am committed to providing the team with ongoing training, and I am passionate about working with each family/individual to help direct them to the services they need.

Navigating the autism and mental health field is daunting, time consuming, expensive and stressful, which I know first hand. I aim to create a place where we can guide you and take some of the stress off the family/individuals’ shoulders, even if you don’t access care with us – we are a resource!

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