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Turning hope into reality

Our Brantford autism clinic was established in 2022 and is an extension of Brant Mental Health Solution's team.  We offer specific services for those living with Autism and other behavioral-related conditions.  

We also aim to support their families so that they can better understand and care for their loved ones at home.  Our team offers various services and groups that can help people with ASD find support and solutions to their everyday challenges.

We recently moved our chiropractor and physiotherapist into the space too so that we could  provide all of our healthcare services under one roof!

Contact us today to speak with our client care coordinator to see how we can help.

Stacking Blocks

Our Relationships

We strive to build meaningful relationships with the families we are helping since opening. 


Here are just a few of the things we do that we think you’ll appreciate.

  • We put the human touch in each session we give

  • We work very closely with you to develop an ideal program

  • We pay special attention to details

  • We make learning fun

  • We offer weekend and evenings hours to fit any busy schedule

  • We only employ the highest educated and most passionate individuals

  • We collaborate with community partners, including schools

Smiling People

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve those with autism and other behavioural-related conditions with compassion and care so that they feel welcome and at home at our office. We aim to provide them with the best care according to their needs so that they can thrive. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help those supporting loved ones living with Autism so that the community they belong to better understands their struggles and appreciates their gifts and talents.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to serve each one of our clients and their families as the unique individuals they are, help them understand their unique gifts, and support them through life's challenges.

Our Story

Ever since we opened Brant Mental Health Solutions, it was a dream of mine to incorporate education and other support for children and adults with learning or developmental concerns.

As we have grown over the years, I have seen in our community that there is a lack of access to specific autism care/supports. After seeing friends and family members struggle with finding care for themselves or their child(ren) with ASD, I wanted to be able to create a centre in my community that could fill the gap.


The team we have created at Brant Mental Health Solutions is fantastic, but we don’t have many team members with specific training in ASD. This made me determined to assemble a team that can specifically cater to the unique needs and challenges of each client with autism.


When we were looking at the new location for Brant Mental Health Solutions, the lower unit was also empty and I believed that was my sign that now was the time to bring these services to Brantford/Brant County and the surrounding areas.


I am dedicated to hiring the best professionals in the industry, I am committed to providing the team with ongoing training in the field of autism, and I am passionate about working with each family/individual to help direct them to the services they need. Navigating the autism and mental health field is daunting, time consuming, expensive and stressful, which I know first hand. I aim to create a place where we can guide you and take some of the stress off the family/individuals’ shoulders, even if you don’t access care with us – we are a resource!

Amy Dougley


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