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Useful Information about some of the servies that we offer here at Pathways to Hope

What does a Child and Youth Worker do?

Child and Youth Workers focus on the growth and development of children and youth, helping them by developing meaningful relationships with the children they serve, their families/caregivers, their communities, and other care providers. 

Often Child and Youth Workers (CYW) work with children, youth, and families who have complex needs. CYW strive to help young people and their families discover their strengths and provide them with support so they can be successful in all aspects of their lives. 

Their job includes assessing their clients' skills, strengths and needs, so that they can come up with  with a unique plan of action based on each individual and the family. 

This support can includes things like:

  • Implementing life skills

  • Behaviour management

  • Helping develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth

  • Focusing on a child's security and well-being

What does an Early Childhood Educator do?

Early Childhood Educators are responsible for creating and implementing child-care programs that lead children in activities designed to develop their intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. 

At Pathways to Hope, our Early Childhood Educators (ECE) will work one-on-one with your child to help address any areas of concern you may have and will work with the family/caregivers and other care providers to ensure the techniques and skills being taught at our centre are being reinforced in other places the child is cared for.

Early Childhood Educators can look like this:

telling or reading stories

teachings songs

Encouraging children to express creativity through art, physical activity, music, and play-based activities.

All our ECEs are trained to observe children for signs of potential learning or behavioural problems and make any necessary referrals that will help families/caregivers as they navigate any challenges they are facing. 

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