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Tanvi Dave

Registered Social Worker

I am a registered social worker who has 10 years of experience in human services.

I aim to create a safe and non-judgmental space where clients from all walks of life feel heard and valued. I have a strong foundation in social work principles and a passion for fostering healthy connections in supporting clients with finance, housing, abuse, concerns with mental health, caregiver stress, advocacy/system navigation, bereavement, end of life planning, family/relationship conflict, coping/adjustment, crisis intervention and referring to community resources.

In my role as a couple’s therapist my objective is to practice and utilize emotionally focused couple’s therapy providing a safe environment for the parties involved to strengthen positive emotions, establishing trust and communication, and improving their relationship. My professional expertise in deescalating, reestablishing communication and interaction, and consolidation will support clients to take a positive pathway in their relationship.

I have received training and certification in motivational interviewing to empower individuals on

their journey towards positive change. With a commitment to fostering self-discovery and personal growth, I harness the principles of Motivational Interviewing to support clients in exploring their motivations, resolving ambivalence, and making meaningful life-altering changes.

My knowledge and experience in CBT enables me to assist clients in recognizing and modifying negative thought patterns and behaviors. My skill of DBT with mindfulness approach equips me to work effectively with individuals who struggle with intense emotions or have difficulties regulating their feelings.

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