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Why Everyone Needs To See a Chiropractor

The title of this article is a bold statement that you may or may not agree with. You might be asking yourself, why does everyone need to see a chiropractor? Certainly people who aren't in pain or small children and babies don't need one? You only go when your back hurts and they crack you so you can feel better.

These are popular thoughts around chiropractic care that mean only about 10% - 15% of the population utilizes their services. But the truth is everyone should see a chiropractor. Just like your car needs a mechanic and your teeth should be inspected and cared for by a dentist, your spine, muscles and joints need a chiropractor.

If you only took your car into the mechanic once it started making noises or didn't bother to even replace the oil every 5000km, your car wouldn't take you very far. Or let's say you are in a car accident but there was no major damage and you are able to drive away, would you leave your car unchecked and potentially unsafe to drive following an impact?

The same goes for our smile. Dentists have been training us from a young age how to care for our teeth properly and encouraging regular check ups to prevent cavities and tooth decay. We all attend the dentist on a regular basis to get our teeth looked at and make sure there are no problems forming.

So then why do we ignore our spines, muscles and joints? The very things that keep us moving and functioning as humans. These body parts are as important as our teeth or our car, yet most people don't think twice about them until they become painful.

If your spine muscles or joints become problematic, it can greatly impact our life and cause a slew of problems that can reduce your mobility and lead to a life of pain.

This is why everyone needs to see a chiropractor. We all have spines, muscles and joints and they require maintenance in order for them to function and perform optimally.

What Happens at The Chiropractor's Office?

At this point you might be thinking you should see a chiropractor but you may be nervous because you have never been and don't know what to expect. The good news is that there is nothing to worry about when seeing a chiropractor. Every Chiropractor you see is required to do a full examination and provide you with a treatment plan before they adjust your spine. They will also go over the side effects of the treatment method they are recommending and if there is anything they are planning to do that you don't want, you can let them know and they will adjust their treatment style accordingly.

Many chiropractors these days also use methods that do not involve "twisting or cracking" of the spine. They are able to adjust the spine and treat other areas with tools or adjusting instruments instead of manually adjusting the spine, making the experience very easy for anyone to handle.

Manual adjustments are still used quite frequently and are a safe effective way of treating the spine and other joints. But as mentioned there are countless other methods that chiropractors can employ if someone does not want to be treated that way.

At What Age Should Someone Start Seeing a Chiropractor?

As the title of this article suggests, everyone should see a chiropractor and therefore you should begin seeing a chiropractor as early as possible. Yes, this means it is important for newborn babies too!

The birthing process is very traumatic for the mother and baby. Incredible amounts of force and pressure are often used to deliver the baby and sometimes there are complications that put the baby in an awkward position for delivery. This means that their tiny spines and necks are often twisted into positions that can place great strain on them. A trained chiropractor can figure out where the baby's spine needs to be adjusted so that these misalignments caused by being born don't affect them later in life.

Chiropractors who see small babies often see them because the parent has noticed that the baby is not sleeping well, not feeding well or crying more than normal. These are often signs that the baby is in some sort of discomfort and adjusting their spine can help them heal from the birth trauma. This creates a healthy nervous system so the baby can sleep, eat and be happy again.

How Often Should Someone Visit a Chiropractor?

People are often hesitant to visit the chiropractor because they fear they are going to be told they need to come multiple times per week. Although this treatment recommendation might be made in some cases, if you have decided to visit a chiropractor for the first time because you want to simply get your spine checked and maintain health, then the treatment plan will likely be something very manageable such as once every two to four weeks.

If a patient has recovered from a painful episode with chiropractic care and is doing better, the chiropractor will usually recommend seeing them once per month for a check up. This frequency of care is great for most people, especially if there are no complicating factors or significant injuries in the past. It is a good idea to see a chiropractor once per month to maintain the health of your spine and nervous system. This frequency will help prevent problems such as arthritis and keep your joints and spine moving freely.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you and your family are looking to make chiropractic part of your life but still have questions, you can always book a free 15 minute consultation with our chiropractor first. To book this consultation, call us at 519-751-0728 or email

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