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What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy (OT) is a type of health care that helps to address challenges that

are interfering with a child’s ability to do the things in their life that are most important to

them! This may include everyday activities such as:

- Self-Care: Getting dressed, eating, toileting

- Being Productive: Going to school or work, participating in the community

- Leisure Activities: Play, making friends, sports and recreation

How Will OT Support My Child?

OT uses a strength-based approach to determine a child’s current skillset and then help

to teach skills, modify tasks, and create a supportive environment so that children can

have success with their most meaningful activities.

Our OT is trained to support the development of a number of foundational skills that

may be impacting your child’s participation.

These could include:

- Sensory processing and self-regulation

- Fine motor skills

- Gross motor skills

- Executive functioning skills (e.g., attention, organization, time management)

What Do OT Sessions Look Like at Pathways to Hope?

At Pathways to Hope, we have a Registered Occupational Therapist providing:

1. Occupational Therapy Assessment – Includes 1:1 direct assessment,

caregiver interview and written summary report.

2. Occupational Therapy Treatment – Includes 1:1 direct treatment and caregiver


Our OT prioritizes a strengths-based, play-based and family-centered approach to care.

Sessions are individually designed with your child’s skills and interests in mind. Our

hope is that sessions will be fun, empowering, and informative. We emphasize parent

involvement and education so that caregivers feel empowered to support their child with

ongoing skill development outside of OT sessions.

To join our OT waitlist, email us at or call us at 519.751.0728.

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