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Language of love for couples

As human beings, we have a natural inclination to pursue an ideal relationship. Nevertheless,

the crucial element in a relationship is to prioritize cultivating a healthier dynamic rather than striving for perfection. The simplicity and complexity of relationships are central to our existence. We actively seek methods to maintain a relationship that is uncomplicated and replete with love and affection.

Particularly, the dynamics of romantic relationships have exhibited a fluctuating pattern when it comes to the expression of emotions and affection. Hence, it is crucial to effectively convey and articulate emotions through various means.

Both communicating and observing your partners love language are equally important. Each individual possesses unique expectations and methods of expressing affection towards their partners. It is possible for your partner to have a different love language than you.

To establish effective communication with your partner, you can inquire about their love language and expectations, or alternatively, you can discern their sources of happiness through observation. The phrase "I love you" is a fundamental expression that we all utilize to showcase our affection.

Nevertheless, it has become a prevailing trend, and couples are inclined to explore alternative methods to connect and demonstrate affection. Couples may utilize five methods to demonstrate love, as outlined below:

1. Words of affirmation: This involves acknowledging and thanking one's partner, namely recognizing their

efforts and caring. Affirmation can begin with anything as basic as expressing gratitude to your partner for packing your lunch, and can extend to jointly shouldering financial obligations. Once a spouse routinely performs a specific task, we typically regard it as the partner's obligation or view it as a routine element of completing the assignment. Alternatively, we should express our gratitude vocally by thanking our partner, offering compliments, or validating their efforts. Couples sometimes devote their efforts on rectifying their partner's behavior or engaging in nagging. Positive words possess the ability to

motivate others more effectively than negative remarks or constant complaining. Applying kind, humble, and uplifting compliments and affirmations possesses the ability to maintain the full glass of love. 

2. Quality time: Engaging in meaningful and significant interactions with one another is a powerful

expression of love. Within the realm of screen usage, certain couples exclusively dedicate their time to watching television. Quality time involves giving undivided attention to one's partner. It involves engaging in direct eye contact, engaging in meaningful discussions, expressing and sharing feelings, engaging in activities such as walking or other focused interactions with one's partner. People are occupied in their life with employment, companions, family members, children, and obligations. Allocating a dedicated period of 15 to 30 minutes per day to one another will enhance the affectionate bond between you and contribute to the glass of love. 

3. Receiving gifts: A gift serves as a tangible display of affection. A gift can serve as a means of showing

gratitude, appreciation, and affection. A present serve as a manifestation of your affection and consideration for your partner. Your companion will retain possession of the gift, which will elicit expressions of happiness. A present might vary in size and value, or it can be as simple as sharing quality time with your partner. Regardless, it will be etched into your partner's memory.

4. Acts of service:

This love language involves tangible and observable actions. It involves engaging in

activities that your partner likes. It is about observing and putting good spirit and efforts to do it because you know it brings joy to your partner. We have successfully transcended old preconceptions and adopted a fresh perspective centered on equity and equality. Acts of service involve the sharing of various jobs, such as household chores, outdoor responsibilities, social obligations, and financial duties. Acts of service are tangible actions that demonstrate your affection and concern for your partner. Your partner will always appreciate these acts of service, which will enhance the level of love in the glass.

5. Physical touch: This is a primary love language that involves the expressing of emotions and feelings

through physical contact. Engaging in physical affection, such as embracing, hugging snuggling, kissing, and engaging in sexual intimacy. It serves as a means to convey love and instill a feeling of safety in one's partner. Gaining knowledge of your partner's dialect is crucial. Transitioning from simple acts of affection, such as holding hands and expressing love, to engaging in sexual intercourse has the potential to enhance the intensity in your glass full of love.

If you are struggling to connect as a couple, it might be wise to seek the support of a trained mental health professional who has experience helping couples through challenges. We are also sharing this blog from our sister company, Brant Mental Health Solutions about when is the right time to seek couples counselling

All of our therapists at both locations, offer free 15 minute consultations should you wish to meet with someone prior to booking a full appointment.

Tanvi Dave Registered Social Worker at Pathways To Hope

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