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How behavioural therapy can help with sensory overload

Many children experience sensory overload, not just those with ASD. If your child is experiencing sensory overload or emotional dysregulation, behavioural therapy can be an effective tool to utilize.

Your child and the behavioural therapist might work on areas such as:

1) Coping skills:

This can include practicing deep breathing exercises, asking for a break, asking for help, talking about it.

2) Communicating needs and desires: We want our children to be able to access what they need/want and express themselves. Ensuring your child has a form of communication should be a priority, however this might look! This may be through vocal speech, but might also be through Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), visual supports, or other communication devices. 3) Identifying and being aware of emotions (of self and of others). 4) Tolerating difficult situations 5) Impulse control and waiting for access to desired items/activities. If you want to learn more please reach out to us at Pathways To Hope by calling 519.751.0728 or emailing and set up a free consultation with one of our behavioural therapists.

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