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Physiotherapy Services

Our Physiotherapists Help You Get on The Road to Recovery

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, our Brantford Physiotherapy clinic can help:

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Frozen Shoulder



Repetitive Strain injury


Pelvic Floor Problems

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries 

Golfers Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Rotator Cuff Injury

Sprains and Strains



TMJ Dysfunction

Post-Surgical Rehab

Ankle and Foot Pain

What To Expect At Your First Physiotherapy Session

On the first visit, our Physiotherapist performs a thorough health history and examination to discover the root cause of your pain or problem. This exam consists of questions, tests, and other procedures to determine where your problem is coming from and how best to address it.

Once this step is complete, our Physiotherapist will report what they find and explain what techniques are best to treat the presenting issue. We also take imaging reports or other test results into consideration.

The first visit lasts about 1 hour and includes initial treatment, as required.

Physiotherapy Treatments

We use various techniques that improve function, reduce pain and swelling, restore strength and improve range of motion. The treatments may include exercise, mobilization, manual therapy, acupuncture, cupping, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and home care advice.


During the recommended treatment plan, we perform regular re-exams. These evaluations help us monitor how much you have progressed and decide whether to change the treatment plan or the type of treatment you receive. We perform these exams periodically to make sure we’re giving you the best treatment recommendations.

Our Brantford Pain Relief Clinic Offers The Following Services To Help You:


Acupuncture is an effective method of pain relief that uses sterile needles inserted into specific parts of the body. It helps reduce inflammation allowing the area of pain to heal quicker.


Cupping is a technique used to increase blood flow by placing cups on the body that create suction.  This method of treatment helps relax tense muscles and relieve pain.


Ultrasound Therapy is a standard modality used by physiotherapists to help relieve pain and treat muscle injuries. It works by sending sound waves that vibrate the injured tissue. Ultrasound waves help ease pain by increasing blood flow, reducing swelling, and gently massaging the damaged tissue. It is very safe, and we can use it on any body part.


A TENS machine is a device that emits a low voltage electric current that is helpful for pain relief. It stimulates the nerves of the affected area and causes your body to release pain-relieving biochemicals called endorphins. It is very safe and can be used to treat acute or chronic pain.


Interferential Current (IFC) is another common modality physiotherapists use to assist with pain relief. It also uses electric currents to penetrate deep into the tissues under your skin. These electric currents help accelerate the healing process by reducing swelling and stimulating tissue healing.

Manual Therapy

Your Physiotherapist may use manual therapy during your treatment. This type of therapy is hands-on and can help with pain relief. Joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are worked on and manipulated to restore proper function and movement.

Surgical Rehabilitation

Surgical Rehabilitation is a common reason people seek physiotherapy. Our Physiotherapist has many years of hospital-based experience assisting patients who have recently undergone surgery. He uses many different types of treatments and exercises to help you recover and regain strength. In addition, we give educational advice to help you avoid re-injuring the joint as it heals. If you have recently had surgery or will be undergoing surgery in the future, be sure to consult with us so that you can make a full and speedy recovery.

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